PCD saw blades from DIABÜ

What makes PCD Sage blades the top performers with extreme tool life?

What makes laser PCD saw blades so powerful and durable?

Different tooth shapes for different applications

a) Tapered shape for particleboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard), HDF (high density fiberboard), plywood, laminate, OSB (oriented strand board), compact laminate, blokboard, film faced plywood, HPL (high pressure decorative laminate), bending plywood, melamine plywood, melamine MDF and commercial plywood.
b) W2 shape for aluminum
c) HJ shape (a combination of conical and W shape) for solid wood, a more universal and wide application.
2. unique / patented laser grinding and sharpening process – giving PCD tips a sharper edge than the traditional EDM process.
3.Due to our unique molding process, different grades of PCD can be used, which has many advantages and makes our blade more robust and durable.
4.According to many field tests and feedback from the market, our blade is generally 50 times longer than TCT blade and 10 times longer than traditional PCD blade (when resharpened). For single use, we estimate that our saw blade is 20 – 25 times longer than TCT saw blades and 3 – 5 times longer than traditional PCD saw blades.

Our product

PCD saw blade with laser technology for wood, various kinds of composite materials, aluminum, aluminum-stone plastic composite, FRP, etc. (and plastic processing, etc.)

PKD Sageblätter von DIABÜ

Different tooth shapes for different sawing solutions.
Creative tooth shapes that are only possible with laser technology.


PCD processed with laser

PKD Sageblätter von DIABÜ

Laser processing machines for grinding and hardening the PCD saw blades.

Sizes: 100mm to D2.000mm.
Current capacity: 10,000 pieces/month for D400mm
Next plan: 60.000 pieces/month

Chipboard E2

A customer is used to changing TCT saw blades for cutting E2 grade particleboard 10 times in 10 hours. He uses our PCD saw blade, which lasts for 8 days. That means one PCD saw blade replaces 80 TCT saw blades!

Aluminum profile

A customer is used to cutting 1500 m of aluminum profiles per saw blade. After switching to our PCD saw blades, they cut 6 times more!

Wood plastic composite (WPC)

A customer uses a K. brand saw blade to cut WPC that lasts for 25 days. With our saw blades, it lasts 75 days, 3 times longer.

Single Use Only Revolution in the Industry

Thanks to the application of laser grinding and sharpening technology for laser PCD saw blades, the following advantages are obtained compared to the conventional saw blades for single use:

  • Always the sharpest cutting edge
  • Single use saves a lot of money for regrinding and resharpening
  • Longer service life (30% to 300%)
  • Laser PCD teeth are smoother than traditional EDM tips
  • Superior cutting quality
  • Stronger and more durable for cutting difficult materials
  • Higher precision due to different tooth shapes for different materials to be cut

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